sat test structure

Relax, the SAT test doesn’t cover that much material!

We certainly wish we could give you the actual questions you will see on your SAT exam. After all, if we were able to that, we would be able to make all kinds of money, wouldn’t we?

Like any test, however, the SAT’s reliability and fairness depend on actual test material being kept strictly confidential up until the moment the test-taker sees it. No reputable source can give you a preview of the questions you will face on test day. We can, however, give you the scoop on the test’s structure, and the number and kinds of questions you can expect to see.

SAT test structure

The SAT test is three hours in duration. (Add 50 minutes for the optional essay.) You will see the following sections on your test day:

Section Number of Questions Time Limit
Essay 1 50 minutes
Math 58 80 minutes
Reading 52 65 minutes
Writing and Language 44 35 minutes


The types of SAT test questions asked

Like it or not, these 154-155 SAT test questions, will play a significant role in determining which colleges extend you admissions offers. But just as you’ve learned proper techniques for, perhaps, kicking a soccer ball, hitting a baseball/softball or playing a musical instrument, the SAT can similarly be tamed.

Besides the new SAT is more aligned with the skills you will need to succeed in college and beyond. (If you don’t believe us, ask a parent or teacher who remembers the bad old days of “dog is to cat as shark is to ___.”) So you might as well start mastering these life skills sooner than later.

Hence, with proper preparation and adequate but not inordinate preparation time, this standardized test can be turned into an advantage for your college applications!

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