1.) B.  The clue word in this sentence is “caused”. The speaker had some unintended effect on his audience. Wry means dry or twisted humor and confusion would certainly be a potential unintended effect from this speaking style. Hopefully, you were able to use process of elimination on many of these answer choices as the dual words doubles the chances you will know the meaning of at least one of the words and be able to eliminate the answer choice if it does not fit.

2.) E.  This sentence’s clue word is “because”. Unheralded means unappreciated or unnoticed. Clearly Jim was not the star of this team and was not used to receiving accolades.

3.) C.  Although is the clue word. Choice A may have confused you if you mistook unanimity with anonymity. This is an example of 2 words that are similar in appearance and enunciation, but vastly different in meaning. This is also another reason you should examine all 5 answer choices in the SAT’s sentence completion sections.

4.) D.  Did you notice the negative in “Don’t”? If you missed this, you probably selected choice C (rejoice). Choice B may have appeared inviting if you confused the meaning of the verb “temper” with its meaning as a noun. (As a verb, it means to make less extreme.)

5.) A.  The clue word was “While”. Solace means relief. The other answer choices simply do not work. Hopefully, you didn’t waste any time trying to determine why they didn’t work. It’s a simple fact of life that many of the choices you will see on the SAT just do not make any sense and it’s not worth losing sleep over.

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