SAT test structure

Quantitative comparisons will be 25% of the total questions you will see on the quantitative section of the SAT and they will appear in one of the two 30 minute math sections. They will appear in ascending order of difficulty.

What you need to do

You must be able to compare 2 different quantities and determine if they are equal, if one is larger than the other, or if inadequate information is provided to make the determination.

Memorize the directions in advance

You do not want to squander valuable test time familiarizing yourself with the directions once the test has begun. We have reproduced the directions so you will now have no excuses…

(Click here to read the quantitative comparisons test instructions.)

What they are testing

The SAT test writers are trying to test your analytical ability to compare 2 arithmetic, algebraic, or geometric quantities to determine which is greater.

The good news

They are not testing your ability to do long and/or tedious math calculations, formal geometric proofs, etc. If you start feeling that you are undertaking a long math calculation, re-read the instructions. You have probably misinterpreted the question.

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