SAT Math Test

Welcome to the SAT math test section of our website. Here we hope you find helpful tips and advice to handle all the problem types you will find on the math section of the SAT test.

Section No. of Questions Time Limit
Math No Calculator 20 (15 MC and 5 grid) 25 minutes
Math Calculator 38 (30 MC and 8 grid) 55 minutes
Total 58 (45 MC and 13 grid) 80 minutes

A Brief Note about the SAT Test Math Section

sat math test

Good news! You can score well enough on the SAT math test for most colleges without knowing any trigonometry!

Relax already. You haven’t even reviewed any of our material and you’re already hyperventilating. (We know because we’re watching you. LOL.)

But seriously though, the SAT does not cover advanced stochastic calculus and they are certainly not going to ask you for the natural log of pi. If you understand some basic rules of algebra, geometry and trigonometry and you follow our tips and advice for identifying the test’s “tricks,” you will do quite well. And if you do happen to struggle with trig, you can still do well enough to attend any number of fine 4-year schools. Remember, this is not graded like a typical school test. The average student, after all, will only score around 1050 on the 1600 scale.

So What Exactly is Covered?

The College Board breaks their math material down into the following four sections:

1. Heart of Algebra: Linear equations with 1 or 2 variables, algebraic and graphical representations

2. Problem Solving and Data Analysis: Ratios, percentages, graphical interpretations

3. Passport to Advanced Math: Exponential functions, quadratic equations, polynomial expressions, function notations and the like

4. Additional Topics in Math: Complex numbers, degrees, radians, arc lengths, etc.

There are No Geometry Formulas to Memorize!

Here’s some more good news. Each SAT math section starts with a “reference area” where geometry formulas for pyramid volume, right triangles, circle area, sphere volume, etc. will all be laid out for you.

Now that you are Relaxed and Ready to Go…

In each of the following SAT math sections, you will find tips and advice as well as practice questions and answer keys.

SAT Math No Calculator (Multiple Choice)

SAT Math No Calculator (Grid In)

SAT Math Calculator (Multiple Choice)

SAT Math Calculator (Grid in)

We hope you enjoy the SAT math section of our website. (And the rest of it too of course!)