If this is your landing page for our website, we want to really emphasize the importance of practice. If this is the umpteenth page you’ve meticulously studied, then you’ve heard the message and the time you’re investing on our site will hopefully count as high-quality practice to help you achieve your best results on the SAT and then move onward (and upward!) in your life.

Be sure to take the free tests available through Khan Academy to determine which sections of the SAT Math Calculator multiple choice may require more of your attention.

Time management tips

With practice (we really don’t want to know how many times that “p” word appears in this site), you’ll get a good feel for how much time it takes you to answer the questions and how much time you may have left at the end. So, if you are struggling inordinately with a particular question, answer with a guess and move on. Just make a mark in your book that you guessed in case you get a chance to come back with time left later.

And, as stated many times before, practice includes becoming completely familiar with the instructions so you don’t waste precious time reading them once the test has started!

Recommended calculator type

sat calculator

Don’t use the calculator if you don’t need it.

Quite simply, use the calculator that you are most comfortable with that is also allowed by the test. When all else is equal, however, we recommend a graphic calculator. There is a chance it may help you find some answers quickly and easily. If you’re not familiar with a graphing calculator, we believe the time necessary to become proficient with it could be spent more effectively on SAT prep and … practice. (It’s as if that last word types itself!)

Don’t use the calculator as a crutch

Most questions don’t require the calculator. In fact, you won’t get any questions if you use your calculator as a crutch. You need to know how to formulate the equation. When you use the calculator, eyeball the answer to make sure it looks correct. If your final calculation is, for example, 2,249 * 0.41, then your calculator better give you an answer in the neighborhood of 900. (Read: If the calculator reads “71,000” or “-0.83,” then you need to enter the numbers again — and more carefully!

Marking your test book, process of elimination, simplification, working backwards and approximation

If you haven’t yet read our advice in the SAT Math No Calculator preparation advice section, please do so. It’s the exact same advice for this section.

Where to go from here

SAT math calculator multiple choice practice questions

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