SAT Math Calculator Grid In Questions

Our advice for the SAT math calculator grid-in questions mirrors exactly the advice we give for the SAT math calculator multiple choice questions, sans the process of elimination and working backwards part of course.

We don’t believe the grid-in questions are any more difficult than the multiple choice questions. Yes, they come at the end when fatigue could be setting in. But we know some test takers are misled by a multiple choice that looks deceptively good but that they never would have come up with on their own.

We would like to reiterate (yes again) that practice is critical. Furthermore, the practice should include a healthy dose of official test prep material from College Board/Khan. Know the instructions ahead of time so you don’t waste precious exam time. If you do this, you will know, in advance of the test, that all of the grid-in questions must have positive values since College Board doesn’t have a way of letting you record an answer as negative.

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