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Multiple choice can be your friend even if it intimidates others!

Since nearly every question on the SAT is multiple choice, the answer to almost every question on the SAT is right in front of you. We have some more good news. The Educational Testing Service which writes the SAT for the College Board is extremely methodical and leaves hardly anything to chance.

So what’s the good news in all this?

With practice and preparation (there’s that darn phrase again!) you will be able to dramatically raise your score by exploiting the special formulas utilized by the ETS.

Multiple choice “patterns”

The SAT test writers ensure that there a relatively equal number of correct answers for each of the multiple choice letters. This, however, will not mean that you should have 20% As, 20% Bs, …, and 20% Es.

In a section with 25 questions, there may be 4 As, 5 Bs, 7 Cs, 3 Ds, and 6 Es. The distribution is not even.

You will not find more than 3 consecutive multiple choice questions with the same answer. If you find 4 or more consecutive “A” answers, for example, you will know that at least one of them is incorrect. Unfortunately, you will not know which one is incorrect.

If you find yourself in this circumstance, we advise you to remain calm, make a notation in your test booklet (not the answer sheet), and revisit this at the end of the section if you have any time left.

Process of elimination is your friend

You will find many useful process of elimination tips within each of the individual SAT multiple choice test prep sections on our website. While we don’t want to repeat all of this information here, we do want you to be fully aware that process of elimination is a powerful tool for this exam.